Maui_sunrise Love story

My name is Kat and I run this sweet blog!

I worked on American Idol for 7 years and as we travelled the country looking for the next American Idol, I found myself in search of the best local ice cream in every city we visited. I posted my findings to social media and was often encouraged to start a blog! Well friends, here we are. 

Josh and I met while working on Idol and fell in love! We found we both had a passion for travel (AND ICE CREAM), so we decided to start traveling around the world together.

Josh proposed while we were in Maui at the top of Haleakala just after the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen! We fell in love with Maui and even got married (or Maui’d) there! We head back every year now for our anniversary. As we were in Maui for our 2nd anniversary, we thought it would be a GREAT idea to start a travel blog since we were always sending travel recommendations to our friends. Josh takes the photos with his fancy DSLR camera and I put it in a post! What a team!

We launched the Wandering JoKas blog in February of 2017 and decided to re-brand to Sweetest Escapes in October 2018.

We work in the entertainment industry which never takes a break. Therefore, we have to plan and find time to have fun. 

Josh and Kathleen- Maui Hawaii Destination Wedding