10 Things You Must Do in Sydney, Australia

We had a BLAST in Sydney, Australia! See what made our Top 10 list of things to do!

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1. Take a Tour of the Opera House

Sydney_Australia Opera House

As an iconic staple to the city, We were excited to see this gorgeous building and learn the history behind it. Up close you can see the shaped tiles that are shell like making a chevron type pattern across the roof. The inside is just as stunning, as there are several venues within the house. The 2 largest concert hall is the largest and has the largest organ with over 10,000 pipes! 

You can even book the tour through Google: CLICK HERE TO GET TICKETS

2. Get up close and personal with the Animals at Featherdale Wildlife Park  

I love animals and this was probably my favorite day in Sydney. You can get up close and personal with the animals - touch them, hold them, feed them. The ever so adorable Archer, the koala, is best-loved as he is the popular koala in the sanctuary. I even had my Mom paint him from a picture I took because I needed to see him everyday. Also, there are kangaroos that are just hanging out and they'll let you pet them!

Make a day out of it and book the Blue Mountain and Wildlife Tour - More info here - they’ll even pick you up and drop you off!

3. Take a Beachwalk Along the Australian Coast

We did the 5 mile hike along the coast from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. Along the way, we walked through the Tamarama and Bronte beaches. It was a beautiful walk on a summer day! This wasn't an easy hike, there were steep inclines, stairs and sun. Lots of sun. The sun was more intense than California sun and even after re-applying sunscreen a few times, we burned. It hurt. I recommend hats and something to cover your shoulders if you go in January!

4. Sydney Harbor Bridge

It's especially stunning at New Years with fireworks shooting off of it, but you can also do a bridge climb during the day. Or, you can get on a ferry and go under it, or even walk across it. The possibilities are just endless. The bridge is located directly across from the Opera House.

Sydney Harbor Bridge - Australia

You have to check it out on New Years Eve!

Sydney Harbor Bridge - New Years Eve Fireworks

5. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

We walked through the aquarium and after scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, it felt like we had seen a lot of these fish before. However, they do have unique creatures that are hard to find in the deep blue and were glad to see them here (love the platypus). If you have kids (or act like a big kid like me) there are interactive pools where you can touch sea cucumbers and starfish. Also, the high point were the underground glass tunnels where fish and sharks swim around you on all sides and it feels like you're underwater with them.

 6. Visit the Blue Mountains and Scenic World

Check out what makes the blue mountains blue and hear the tale of the sisters trapped in the rock formation in this Aboriginal legend. My favorite part was visiting Sceneic World and taking a gondola over the beautiful Eucalyptus forest! We had a blast with our tour that picked us up from the hotel and took us to the mountains, Scenic World and the Wildlife Park to visit the animals up close and personal!

Book your tickets here for the BEST tour on Viator: Blue Mountain and Wildlife Day Tour

7. Visit the Taronga Zoo and Take in the Views!

The zoo is built into a hill, leaving you with breath taking views of Sydney and lots of fun animals to visit!

8. Visit Olympic Park

The park was built to host the Summer Olympics in 2000. They had the torch, the Olympic Cauldron that looks like a spaceship which was where the flame was lit the duration of the games, markers that noted how high someone jumped, who won each sport, and name of everyone who participated.

9. Find the Speakeasy, the Baxter Inn

It was a little challenging to find but worth it when we got there. You have to head down a nondescript alley on Clarence Street and walk through an unmarked door on your right, down a dark staircase to the basement level. The dim lighting and waiters outfits felt like we had walked into another dimension. They had 360 different whiskeys from around the globe and make their own apple juice for their fine crafted cocktail! 

Baxter Inn Speakeasy - Sydney, Australia

10. Play in Luna Park

We came back cleaned up and took the ferry over to Luna Park, a carnival like amusement park with a scary entrance and did a couple of rides, but the highlight was playing on the slides in the fun house. Josh and I raced for at least 30 minutes. We were definitely the biggest kids there!

Buy tickets ahead of time here through Google Maps: Luna Park Tickets

I think it goes without saying, HAVE SOME ICE CREAM!

Messina Ice Cream is my favorite!

Messina Ice Cream is my favorite!

Gelato from Gelatissimo is sooo good!

Gelato from Gelatissimo is sooo good!

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Top 10 Things to do in Sydney, Australia
Top 10 Things to do in Sydney, Australia

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