Flying in 2019: Travel Tips and Tricks for the Airport and Flight

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As jet setters, we fly often and have gone through many airports and sat on many flights. It’s hard to make the time go by fast when you’re flying, but here are some tips that will get you from airport arrival to landing:

Check-in to your flight in advance and get your mobile boarding pass!

Check-in for your flight 24 hours in advance so you don’t have to wait in those long lines at the airport. This can also be a great way to get your mobile boarding pass and get a good seat assignment if you weren’t able to select your seat when you booked your flight. 

Bring Snacks and Stay Hydrated

Airport prices are usually pretty high, save money by bringing your own snacks with you. Most airports have installed water bottle refill stations, I always bring an empty water bottle with me in my carry-on luggage so I can fill it up once I get through security. If I forget my water bottle, I’ll always buy one at a store after security. Amazon sells a great compact water bottle perfect for traveling with!

Travel Outfit

I love to wear a long flowy top (shirt or sweater, depending on the weather) and leggings. When you’re cramped in that middle seat for 5 hours, at least you’re comfortable! I always wear socks since most airports make you take your shoes off when going through security. Although I have TSA Pre and I don’t have to take off my shoes, I try to avoid boots or heels so the sensors don’t go off. Sneakers usually work best! Airports and airplanes can either be extremely cold or too hot, so always pack a sweater or hoodie and wear layers to peel on and off. Also, try wearing compression socks to avoid fatigue and bloating.


Bring a Portable Charger

Not all airports have convenient outlets or charging stations or sometimes they are all occupied! Make sure you bring a portable charger, my favorite is the Mophie Powerstation that already has a cord built in!

Load up your iPad or Laptop with entertainment!

24 hours prior to my flight, I download movies, TV shows from Amazon and Netflix and a few games to my iPad. You must refresh any downloads within 24 hours you plan to view them or the app will require internet. You will have to take your laptop and any other large electronics out of your bag when going through security, so make sure to pack your laptop or any other electronics with easy access to them. If flying international, you’ll have to take out all electronics in most countries.

Checked Luggage Tips

Secure your luggage!

Whether you’re checking luggage or not, you should get TSA approved locks. In the event your luggage gets into the wrong hands, your belongings will be safe. They are also useful when you check in or out of the hotel and leave your bag with the bell desk. You can never be too careful. Take a picture of your luggage in case your checked luggage gets lost, having a photo of it in addition to your checked luggage tag can make it easier to find.

Beautiful Bag Tags

Also, if you are checking your luggage, get a bright luggage tag or tie a colorful ribbon on the handle of your suitcase so you can find it in the sea of luggage look a-likes.

The BEST Carry-on Bag

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Flying in 2019 Tips and Tricks for the Airport and Flight