Ice Cream Review: Halo Top Scoop Shop - Los Angeles, CA

Halo Top Scoop Shop

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I love ice cream but I hate dieting! I was thrilled when I discovered Halo Top at my local Ralphs, finally, a low calorie ice cream that is delicious! I love everything about this brand, their marketing, flavors, and was so excited to hear the news that an ice cream scoop shop was opening near me! 

Halo Top Scoop Shop - Century City

Halo Top Scoop Shop - Century City

If I buy the pint, I’ll want to eat the whole thing! Here you can get not only your favorite pint flavors but also incredible soft serve options! 

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There were so many different options from 4 different kinds of cones to ice cream sandwiches and ICE CREAM TACOS! 

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There were also a chock full of topping options to add to your delectable treats.

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I ended up going with the soft serve option. Peaches and Cream sounded like the perfect fresh, light summer option and that’s exactly what it was.

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I was debating on what my base should be, and when I heard they had pink ice cream cones, I knew it was a must (and it matched my nails!). 

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YUM! If you get the chance, grab a cone or a taco and always add sprinkles on top! 

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