Sweet Review: Milk Bar - Los Angeles


Location: 7150 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Website: https://milkbarstore.com/

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Milk Bar LA opened on Melrose last September and Angelinos couldn’t be happier! With wait times from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours, Milk Bar treats have proven they are worth the wait! Fortunately, the wait times aren’t as detrimental these days!


With the first Milk Bar location opening in 2008 under the Momofuku Restaurant chain, LA marks #14 with 9 stores in New York, and other locations including Washington, DC, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Toronto.

Milk Bar LA-Menu.jpg

This award winning bakery was started by Chef Christina Tosi. You may know her as the dessert wizard from the PBS show and can also be found on Netflix, where she creates dreamy desserts along side Chef David Chang. You can even find her as a judge on Masterchef with Gordon Ramsey! She’s all over the place!


The menu is full of many delicious sweet options, I was kinda glad there was a 35 minute wait to figure out what I wanted.

Milk Bar is built on a world of possibility: we make our cult-favorite treats with unexpected combinations & impossible flavors. We’re on a mission to make the ordinary extraordinary – grab a cookie and come along with us!





After hearing their motto, the menu seemed to make more sense. I decided to go with some cookies and ice cream… Soft Serve Ice Cream with Birthday Dough Bites and SPRINKLES! ALWAYS GET SPRINKLES ON TOP! ;-D

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Soft Serve Ice Cream

There were only 2 soft serve options: Cereal Milk or Pineapple Fo Sho’ Whip… I dare you to try the twist of those. Supposedly it’s tasty. Right around Valentine’s Day there was a Red Velvet soft serve!



All of the cakes looked so good! You can buy a whole cake or just a slice!

Milk Bar LA-Cakes.jpg

We were all completely satisfied with our selections!


The classroom is available for individuals to sign up or a great place for a group event!

Milk Bar LA-classroom.jpg

For about $95, you can make the best cake you’ll ever make in your life!

In our cake classes we’ll show you all the steps for assembling our most popular layer cake flavor combinations (an irresistible balance of cake, spread, frosting, crumbs, and crunch!), and how we transform our cake scraps and turn them into bite sized cake truffles! Or join us in making our signature item, crack pie®, from start to finish with a bonus lesson on turning cake scraps into truffles while your pie is in the oven!

At the end of class all participants take home everything they make, plus recipes and other bonus info! All ages and all levels of expertise welcome.

Classes are offered in our Logan Circle, DC Flagship and Los Angeles flagship locations as well as our Brooklyn HQ

Sign up here: https://milkbarstore.com/events/classes/


Don’t have time for a class? Try making treats at home:

Milk Bar LA-9.jpg

And make them in style:

Milk Bar LA-10.jpg

Don’t live in New York or Los Angeles? Goldbely can help and deliver these tasty treats to your door! Check it out here: Milk Bar on Goldbely

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