Things to do in Norway: Whale Watching with Wild Orcas in the Norway Channels


We found Wild Orcas (AKA Killer Whales) in Norway and it was amazing! I had seen them at Sea World so many times, but to see them in their natural habitat was so much better!

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Getting to the Wild Orcas



It was finally our day to go whale watching and we were so excited! I was a little apprehensive as to how cold it was going to be, with being on the water and rain in our forecast, but they said there were warm waterproof suits to wear. Perfect, now my clothes won't get wet and I'll still be warm! Win, Win.

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We arrived at the dock at 8:00am. We booked this excursion through Off the Map Travel and our whale watching company name was ACIN (Arctic Cruise in Norway). With raindrops starting to fall, we boarded the Arctic Princess, a Lagoon 450 Catamaran. We took our boots off and went inside the heated galley for a briefing from the captain. 

Where we were heading to see Killer Whales

Where we were heading to see Killer Whales

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After our briefing as to where everything was, we sat in the galley and had coffee and tea while setting sail into the sea. It started to pour down rain, but it was ok, since we had shelter. 

As it got brighter (since we were approaching 10am) and the rain dissipated, we decided to go outside and see the sites. As we walked out, our boots had moved from under the table and over near the tarp that had leaked rain water into our shoes. They were soaked! I was then convinced the trip was ruined because I was going to get frostbite on my toes. We got a bunch of paper towels and started to dry them off and son of a gun, they actually dried rather nicely. It wasn't perfect but the Columbia and Ugg brands were made for weather so all was not lost, although I was still cautious of the frostbite situation.


We put on the weatherproof suit and went out on the front of the catamaran to enjoy the view. We were surrounded by snowy mountains with little houses scattered here and there. How do they get around? Didn't seem like there were any shops nearby some of these places! 

Catching My First Fish AND Lunch

The time had come to catch lunch. I had never been fishing before (and don't really like to eat fish), so this was going to be quite the experience. Our captain showed us how easy it was by simply dropping the hook in the water, with no bait, and instantly caught a fish. I don't think this is how it usually works but seemed like he knew the right spot! It was my turn along with a few others, so I took a fishing pole and in my hook went.

Everyone caught a fish immediately but me. I think the fish somehow knew I didn't really want catch them. Finally after a few minutes, I felt and tug and had caught my first fish! I started to reel it in, which was taking so long, I was afraid I was turning it the wrong way, but low and behold I could see my hook and a fish was attached.

As it came out of the water, I was excited and sad all at the same time, I exclaimed, "I caught a fish! Sorry fishy!" Right at this moment the rain had picked up and was sleeting so hard, I couldn't open my eyes. The captain came by and took my fish, while I headed for shelter. 

Killer Whale Sighting

After another hour or so, a fellow tour company had spotted a pod of killer whales and gave a call to our captain. We drove straight towards them and were there in about 10-15 minutes. WOW! There were probably about 10 Orcas in the pod and they would surface now and again where you could see their prominent white spot near there eye. They weren't jumping out of the water like Free Willy or Shamu at Sea World, but it was still mesmerizing to watch these beautiful creatures. 


The whales didn't seemed bothered by the surrounding boats at all, coming fairly close to a couple of them. There was a flock of seagulls trying to get in on the whales feeding situation. We could see where the pod was heading based on where the birds were circling. You could tell when some would surface as they would give a burst through their blow holes.

Killer Whale getting food before the birds steal it!

Killer Whale getting food before the birds steal it!

We watched them for almost an hour it seemed and my feet were so cold, it was to the point where I couldn't really feel them anymore. The fear of frostbite and losing my toes set in, it was time to go inside and warm up and head back to Tromso. 

As we glided back, everyone else came in and lunch was just getting started. We had fish soup with the fish we had caught earlier, along with carrots and potatoes. I just had the carrots and potatoes, fish are friends, not food! 

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What an unforgettable experience! We were so glad to see the pod of orcas, killer whales, Shamus', Free Willys' or whatever you'd like to call them! 


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