10 Packing Essentials and Check List for Snow Trips

Our Packing Essentials for seeing the Northern Lights in Norway

Clothing we wore in the Snow in Norway

Clothing we wore in the Snow in Norway

When we went to Norway, we were prepared to sit in the snow for hours and prepared for almost anything (weather-wise). These items add up, but here are some good quality, fairly budget friendly options. The best time to purchase snow gear is on Black Friday/Cyber Monday or late Winter/early Spring when stores are clearing out their stock. Here’s what you should pack for a few days in the snow for temperatures around 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

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  1. Winter Waterproof Coat - Multilayer Jacket

    I loved my North Face Triclimate layer jacket. The outside is waterproof with a removable hood and has a built in fleece jacket that is easy to zip in and out of. It is very well insulated, keeping you warm and the snow and rain out. Plenty of pockets for your gloves, phone, wallet, etc.

2. Snow Pants

I bought some ski pants for the first time in years when we went skiing in Big Bear (California) a few years ago. They definitely came in handy for this trip! I would wear my Under Armour leggings or fleece leggings underneath (see more in #7) so they were comfortable and not too bulky.

3. Waterproof Snow Boots

I’ve never had snow boots (come on, I live in Southern California), but I love my Columbia Loveland Snow Boots! Not only are they warm and comfortable, but my feet never got wet! Trekking through the snow, slush and rain, these boots stood against it all! Also, they were placed in the rain by accident when we were on a boat and they dried very quickly!

4. Waterproof Mittens

I hate it when my hands are cold. I needed gloves or mittens that were comfortable but not constricting. The Burton Gore-Tex Mittens for women keep your hands warm and dry while riding in cold, damp conditions. My favorite feature is that they are iPhone friendly! So many times I wanted to take a picture of reindeer, the Husky dogs, snow, and even Killer Whales (see our Norway 5-Day Itinerary for more details).  You can also wear the shells and liner gloves separately on milder days. There is also a pocket for a hand warmer!

PRO-TIP: We bought a second set once we got closer to the trip in case one got wet and needed to dry but we didn’t take the tags off the second set. Luckily we didn’t end up needing them and we were able to return them once we got back from our trip!

Get your FREE packing check-list here: Packing Essentials for Snow Check List

5. Gaiter to keep your neck warm!

I have so many scarves but I loved my Columbia microfleece gaiter the most! It was made of the softest and warmest microfleece and because it is essentially a turtle neck, I didn’t have to worry about it untying or slipping. I could also pull it up and keep my nose warm.

6. Warm Thermal Wool Socks

I lived in my thermal wool socks since they were so warm and cozy! I bought some that went pretty high so we could cross country ski and they were just an added layer to stay warm. For 5 days in Norway, I needed 3 pairs for our longer days in the snow. I wore warm wool socks that were shorter on other days.

7. Leggings and Long Underwear

I mainly wore my fleece leggings and Under Armour Cold Gear leggings every day in Norway. I packed jeans and sometimes I’d wear leggings underneath, but would just wear the leggings out if we were walking to dinner or a store. I also wear them constantly in Los Angeles during the winter. It was a good purchase that I could use these items not just for the trip, but every day!

8. Hats and Beanies

My ears would get cold and I was so glad I had a good beanie! This beanie even has a fleece lining which will surely keep your ears nice and toasty! Also, how cute is the pom pom!?

9. Warm Scarves

Although I used my gaiter most of the time, I had so many cute warm scarves that I wore as well! I liked wearing my light weight, fleece, scarf and always had it in my carry-on for flights and moving locations where we jumped in and out of cars.

10. Hand Warmers

Keep your hands warm! Slip these in your pocket or in your gloves!

Those are the main things that we bought specifically for this trip to Norway. We also packed winter essentials such as sweaters, wool mittens, sweat pants, jeans, etc. We ended up packing 2 large suitcases since most of these items are bulky!

Get your FREE packing check-list here: Packing Essentials for Snow Check List

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