10 Things You Must See and Do at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland

UPDATED Sept 21, 2019…

I’ve always liked Star Wars, but Josh is a much bigger fan than I am! Galaxy’s Edge before is almost like walking onto a movie set but as you see the characters walking around and the cast members acting like you’re on another planet, this place becomes real! Here are 10 things you can’t miss in Disneyland’s newest galaxy far far away!

Click here for a map: Disneyland Star Wars Land - Galaxy’s Edge Map

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  1. Build and design your very own Light Saber!

    Get in line as soon as you can so you can get a reservation to come back later. You can bring a friend in with you to build it. These light sabers might be a bit pricey at $200, however it is quite the experience. First you select your theme to your light saber and you’re instructed to come back later wearing your pin since light sabers are only made by Jedis. Cast members will often refer to it as scrap metal since you build your saber in the junk yard! Tristan was our guild and put on quite the performance.

Don’t forget to pack these guys:

Blue Milk at Galaxy’s Edge

Blue Milk at Galaxy’s Edge

2. Try the Blue Milk!

Do you remember the scene from Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi when Luke squeezes gross milk from the udder of a female Thala-siren (basically an alien sea cow) and gulps it? Yeah, it was disgusting. I guess there was a similar scene with milk from another creature that was cut from the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope. Anyhoo, we liked the Blue Milk since it was much sweeter than the Green Milk but give both a try!

Menu Descriptions (Both are $7.99):

  • Blue Milk: Plant-based Dairy blend of Coconut and Rice Milk with alluring fruity characteristics.

  • Green Milk: Plant-based Dairy blend of Coconut and Rice Milk with zippy citrus and tropical characteristics.

The consistency is strange, it’s like a smoothie, or somewhere between a slushee and a milkshake! The Green Milk tasted almost floral like, as if it were lavender ice cream or something. As Kimmy Schmidt would say, “Ew that’s a smell!”
PRO-TIP: Make sure you mobile order! It’s not worth waiting in line!

The Blue Milk scene:

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Cove ride

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Cove ride

3. Be a pilot on the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Cove ride

We went on this ride 4 times and tried all three positions: Pilot, Gunner, and Engineer. The pilot that sits in the front left steers the ship up and down and also gets to throw you into light speed! I was nervous it would be hard, but it’s a slower move so that you have more time to react (and hopefully not crash).

Pro-tip: If the line is long, there is a single rider option, but you will most likely be an engineer. 30-45 minutes is a decent wait time if the park is crowded. Late at night is a good time to go!

4. Find Chewie or other beloved characters from the Star Wars series!

Characters were roaming around instead of standing somewhere to pose for pictures!

PRO-TIP: I started to take a selfie near Chewie and he came up and photo bombed me!

5. Watch fireworks light up the sky over the Millennium Falcon!

Fireworks usually blast off nightly around 9:30p. The only bad part is, you can’t hear the music the fireworks is playing to like you can throughout the rest of the park!

Star Wars Galaxys Edge Disneyland-67.jpg

6. Explore the shops, you’ll never know what you might find!

There are a few different themed shops - pet store, toy shop, clothing… Here in Galaxy’s Edge, these Merchants are referred to as: Resistance Supply, Creature Stall, Toydarian Toymaker, Black Spire Outfitters, and Jewels of Birth. I think that sums it up.

PRO-TIP: The creature stall has a sleeping creature! Give it a visit!

Build a droid!

Build a droid!

7. Build a droid!

Take home your very own droid by assembling one in the Droid Depot! You can make a BB8 or even your own R2, they make great companions!

PRO-TIP: Visit R2D2 here - He’s full size and for sale!

8. Visit the Antique Shop!

So many worldy and weirdly things here! Fun things to purchase and others are fun to look at.

Star Wars Galaxys Edge Disneyland-Antique shop.jpg

Coca-cola coke bottles star wars galaxys edge.jpg

9. Get a soda!

For only $4.25 you get a coke and a souvenir! Your favorite soda comes in a unique Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge package! Try a Coca-cola, Diet Coke or Sprite!

Batuu-bon cake Star Wars Land.jpg

10. Get a treat at Docking Bay 7!

If you’re traveling to a Galaxy Far Far Away… Batuu is the last stop before entering Wild Space. You must try the Batuu-bon, a decadent chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse and coffee custard. The green sponge-like cake tasted fruity and the coin was a piece of chocolate! 

BONUS: Have a drink at Oga’s Cantina

Reservations are recommended, very seldom do they have walk-ins. Make your reservations up to 14 days in advance or same-day reservations will be made available each day at 7:00 AM Pacific Time for visits that day, subject to availability. Here is the reservation site: Reservations for Oga’s Cantina

Try the Fuzzy Taun Taun… it’ll give you a tingly feeling… literally! The Chardonnay on tap is BLUE!


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