Guide to the Best Ice Cream and Dessert in Maui, Hawaii - Ranked with Map

I love Maui and I love dessert, especially ice cream. I have ranked my favorite desserts below after much extensive research! 😋Don’t miss these great dessert options around the island see our handy map! You can even save it to your Google map app!

Although I’m not vegan, I’ve also included some options for my vegan friends!

Coconut Glen’s - Road to Hana

Coconut Glen’s - Road to Hana

#1 Coconut Glen’s Ice Cream

  • Address: Mile Marker 27 1/2 Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI 96708

While on the Road to Hana, make sure you stop for some ice cream! Coconut Glen makes all his ice cream from the coconuts from the Maui jungles!

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#2 Ice Cream Sandwich at Hula Grill

  • Location: Hula Grill/Barefoot Bar in Whaler’s Village - 2435 Kaanapali Pkwy, Lahaina, HI 96761

  • Menu: Hula Grill Menu

  • Pricing: $11 for a giant dessert!

A monster ice cream sandwich taller than a salt shaker! Try this on for size - Hawaiian vanilla ice cream, macadamia nut brownies, whipped cream, fudge, and raspberry sauce.

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#3 Island Cream Co

  • Location: 305 Keawe St #511, Lahaina, HI 96761

  • Website Menu/Flavors: Island Cream Co

  • Value: Large scoops for under $10

  • Special Options?: Non-dairy sorbets available

I'm not sure Island Cream Company just tastes better because it's in Hawaii (everything is better in Hawaii) or if it's their original recipe with the perfect mix of gelato and ice cream.

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Maui Gelato Ice Cream

Maui Gelato Ice Cream

#4 Maui Gelato

Location: 2395 S Kihei Rd #120, Kihei, HI 96753

  • Website: Maui Gelato Facebook

  • Menu: Hard to find an updated menu online. See our full post here: Maui Gelato

  • Pricing: Big helpings for a great price

  • Non-Dairy options available

Located along the water just above Wailea in Kihei, Maui Gelato has everything ice cream you can imagine! Gelato, ice cream, affogatos (espresso poured over ice cream), floats, shakes, mochi ice cream, shave ice, waffles.

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#5 Hula Pie

You MUST try the Hula pie! It’s vanilla or macadamia nut ice cream with an Oreo crumble pie crust, with whipped cream and fudge on top!

Hula Pie

Hula Pie

Shave Ice

Shave Ice

#6 Shave Ice

A Hawaii classic! There are plenty of places to get shave ice and even food trucks on the side of the road have them! Make sure you get ice cream in the bottom, I love a good macadamia nut ice cream at the bottom of shaved ice with pineapple and coconut on top!


Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice (multiple locations) - 790 Front St, Lahaina, HI 96761

CHocolate Cream Pie at Monkeypod Kitchen

CHocolate Cream Pie at Monkeypod Kitchen

#7 Pie at Monkeypod Kitchen

I normally go for ice cream any chance I can get, but the Chocolate Cream Pie at Monkeypod is pretty phenomenal. Want something other than chocolate? Try their Strawberry, Banana, or Coconut Cream pies!

You can also try their Tropical Dreams Gelato & Sorbet for $7.95 with options of: Tahitian vanilla, chocolate, island hop Kona coffee, or featured flavor sorbet.

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#8 Tin Roof Chocolate Birthday Bibingka Cake

  • Location: 360 PAPA PLACE STE Y, KAHULUI, HI, 96732

  • Open: Monday - Saturday for lunch only

  • Pricing: Cheap eats!

Chocolate Birthday Bibingka Cake 🌈💗🎂 is filled with chocolate, peanut butter, sprinkles and pop rocks! AND it’s fun to say!

TIN ROOF is a new generation mom & pop shop, owned by Internationally recognized Chef Sheldon Simeon & his wife, Janice. Raised in Hilo, Hawaii rain is a part of everyday life. Farmers markets keep buzzing, errands roll along, and garage kani ka pila never ends.

Don’t forget these dresses!

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