How to Spend 3 Days in Moorea - Complete Itinerary


On our Honeymoon, we stopped in French Polynesia on our way back to the States. We were ready for some relaxation after going nonstop for over a week in Australia & New Zealand. We spent 3 nights in Moorea in an overwater bungalow and it was fabulous!

Getting to Moorea

We booked our Moorea portion through Tahiti Legends, who booked everything including our transfers from airports and hotels (we booked our own flights). We stayed at the Sofitel Moorea, in an overwater bungalow, which is something everyone must do in their lifetime! We flew via Air Tahiti Nui in business class (from New Zealand) using our miles, which was a comfortable flight with big seats and great amenities. 

We had to stay in Tahiti overnight because our flight got in so late from New Zealand, there wasn't an option to get to Moorea after 8pm. We used our points to stay at the InterContinental. This was the view from an average room:

InterContinental Tahiti

InterContinental Tahiti

Day 1

Morning in Tahiti

We had a car pick us up bright and early from the InterContinental in Tahiti to take us to the ferry. Driving around in the daylight unmasked the island and certain areas were definitely not paradise.


We boarded the ferry around 8 am and the ride was about 20 minutes to Moorea. On the other side, a car picked us up and took us about 10 minutes down the road to our hotel, the Sofitel Moorea.

We were too early for check-in when we arrived in Moorea, so we wandered around the resort getting our bearings. We walked over to the spa to check it out and made reservations for a couples massage for the late afternoon.


After about an hour, our room was available and we were so excited to check out our overwater bungalow. The room was spectacular!


The bed was in the middle of the room facing toward the water with a perfect view. It had mosquito netting to which Josh said, "It's like a fort!" There was even a part of the floor that was glass, where you could see the fish swimming under the bungalow. 



Afternoon - Swim and Snorkel

Although we REALLY wanted to, you can't really jump off the deck of the bungalow, since it's pretty shallow and there is a lot of coral below. BUT you can go for a swim and there is ton of marine life to see if you snorkel.

Just a small fish in a big pond

Just a small fish in a big pond

After a leisurely snorkel, we decided to switch it up and go over to the main pool to do more swimming and grab a bite to eat at the bar restaurant. 


In the late afternoon we had our couples massage appointment. The room was huge and had a shower and bath tub. We only signed up for a massage but realized we could have spent an entire day at the spa. The massage was perfect. After being in the sun all day, there was a slight burn to which aloe vera was offered. I was soothed and comforted, I could have laid face down on that table for the rest of the evening. 

Day 2




Here's how to properly wake up in Moorea:

 Not a bad way to start the day! Am I right?!


Morning - Drive around the Island of Moorea

We rented a little 2 seater buggy through Moorea Fun Roadster, which was like a small go-kart that went faster than you would expect, zooming around the island in about 4 hours. The road was bumpy at parts but overall it was a blast!

See our post all about our buggy ride here: How to Rent a Buggy in Moorea

Afternoon in Moorea

After returning from our island tour, we were ready for some relaxation. We jumped in the water from our patio, and cooled off. 


We spent the rest of the day on the patio of our deck playing cards and drinking the alcohol that we had bought at the duty-free store at the airport and the concentrate we grabbed thinking it was juice at the grocery store.


Once we got too hot, we'd jump in the water, swim around and come right back to our card game. I don't think I changed out of my swimsuit all day.

After awhile, we decided to feed the fish under our bungalow which was great entertainment for at LEAST 20 minutes.

Evening in Moorea

We grabbed dinner at the bar restaurant and took it back to our room so we could do some star gazing. Since it is so quiet and so dark, there were thousands of stars to see. I don't think I've seen that many before in my life!


On average, we seemed to go to bed when the sun went down, around 9-10pm and got up as soon as it came back up around 6:30-7am. We weren't on any time zone in particular as we had been bouncing around so many placed the previous week.

Day 3

Morning in Moorea

We got up early to catch the sunrise! Since we didn’t get many sunsets here, it was nice to catch the sun coming up!


We might have gone back to bed and then got up just in time to catch the end of breakfast at the main restaurant. The food was delicous, they offered almost anything you could think of - eggs, omelettes, french toast, pancakes, juices, coffee... and the view wasn't half bad. The only problem was the birds would try to snatch your food if you looked the other way! 



We packed up and checked out. Although we weren't hanging our heads quite yet, it was time to head to our next destination, Bora Bora!


Don’t forget to pack some of our favorite things:

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