9 Reasons to Visit Bora Bora

We went to Bora Bora in French Polynesia to bookend our honeymoon and it was worth every penny and mile it took to get us there! I was surprised our occupied our days were when I was expecting to not do anything! Check out what to expect with our 9 reasons below:

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1. Overwater Bungalows 

We stayed at the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort Thalasso Spa and WOW, just being able to walk out into the water from your own porch is a dream.

Bora Bora_Intercontinental_hotel.jpeg

In the room, there is a glass coffee table which let's you look down to the water below. We loved watching fish swim under our room! The bed faces a floor to ceiling window that makes you feel like you're just floating in the aqua lagoon. It’s literally heaven on Earth!

2. Infinity Pool with a Perfect View

This infinity pool is just gorgeous and the InterContinental Thalasso has the PERFECT view of the mountain! I don't think I need to add anything else here. Maybe a drink...


3. Stingray Feedings

I was apprehensive about feeding stingrays at first but as long as you have their food, they are like little puppies that brush up against you begging for food. 


The man with the bucket came out blowing a shell like a horn, getting the stingrays ready for a feeding!

Warning, watch out for the seagulls. They are food stealers.

4. Bora Bora InterContinental Thalasso Spa

The Bora Bora InterContinental Thalasso spa is top notch. They even have a room where you can watch the fish through the hole in the table while getting a massage. How peaceful is that?

Bora Bora_InterContinental_Thalasso_Spa.jpeg

5. Scuba Dive in Bora Bora 

The colors are beautiful deep below the surface, with thousands of fish along the gorgeous colorful coral reef. We even saw a 7 foot lemon shark swim through.


6. Jet Skis

The jet ski was my favorite activity! We went around the entire island. Our guide showed us how to break open a coconut on the shore with our bare hands! It was delicious!


7. Paddle boards, Kayaks and Other Activities 

Paddle boards and kayaks are provided by the hotel (InterContinental Bora Bora) at no extra cost. Just ask the pool boy for permission and float away in the lagoon. 

For a price you can also go on a rainforest tour, ATV safari, or even go parasailing!


There's not a lot of pressure to do anything but hangout in your swimsuit for 24 hours. That's actually what we did for 4 days. 

9. Fruity Drinks & Ice cream by the pool 


Brownie sundaes are always acceptable, even at the pool. Other food and many drinks can also be indulged poolside. Much like Hawaii or any tropical destination, they have all the fruity poolside drinks you can think of. Delicious and refreshing!

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