Things to do Moorea: Buggy Ride Around the Island

Moorea is such a beautiful island! One of our favorite activities when we visited was when we took a drive around the island in a cute little buggy! We rented a little 2 seater buggy, which was like a small go-kart that went faster than you would expect, zooming around the island in about 4 hours. The road was super bumpy at parts but overall it was a blast! 


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How to Rent a Buggy

We rented our red buggy through Moorea Fun Roadsters. The Sofitel Moorea concierge assisted us in booking the car the night before, and without a problem, they delivered it to our hotel the very next morning!


We went back and forth between renting for 4 or 8 hours, but we decided to do the 4 hour which was the perfect amount to go around the entire island and make all recommended stops. 

Where to Go in Moorea


A map was provided by the Moorea Fun Roadsters, including the best places to stop (which we did most all of them). They recommended the following:

  • Opunohu Bay (black sand), Opunohu Belvedere, archaeological and legendary sites, Agricultural High School (tasting)

  • Protestant Papetoai Temple, Churches, Dolphin center & Marine Turtle Clinic (Intercontinental), Tiki village (Polynesian Village)

  • Surf Spot, Cascasde in the Afareaitu Valley, Golf, Moorea Juice Factory & Distillery (tasting)

  • Cook's Bay

  • Tahiti Aromas Factory (Noni, Monoi, Vanilla, Coconut and Tamanu Oil Production Laboratory, Natural Tiare Essences.)


Driving Around the Island

We were on our way! We drove for 2 minutes and then saw a picture perfect view of our hotel, so we pulled to the side of the road and stopped fro pictures. 4 hours didn't seem like it was going to be enough! 

We hopped back in and made our way to our first stop, Belvedere lookout. The road to the top was bumpy and unpaved most of the way, but it was totally worth it!


To our surprise, there were many wild chickens around the island (and bugs)! 

This was our favorite site, we were able to experience Belvedere and all its beauty.

On the way back down from Belvedere, we stopped at the Moorea Juice Factory & Distillery for a quick refresher. The pineapple drink was delicious, it tasted like ice cream! 


We continued on, with many unpaved roads and quick turns, but overall we were enjoying our buggy ride. We kept stopping to enjoy the sights, including the gorgeous aqua water. 

We figured it would be a good idea to stop at the only grocery store on the island on the way back since we had a way to get there! We picked up a few things such as cheese and crackers to snack on in the room and needed a mixer to go with our duty-free liquor pickup. Unfortunately, we picked up concentrate instead of juice but had plenty of Mango/Orange drinks for days!



Returning the Buggy

Before you return the vehicle, just like renting a regular car, you have to fill it up but it doesn't use much gas and it cost about $8 to fill it back up!

This was a great way to see the island and get out of the resort for a little bit. We would highly recommend it to anyone who visits Moorea!

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