Top 10 Best Things To Do in Moorea - French Polynesia

During our 3 week Honeymoon, another stop was Moorea in French Polynesia. This was our first break after going nonstop for almost 2 weeks and boy were we ready for relaxation.

We booked our Moorea portion through Tahiti Legends, who booked everything including our transfers from airports and hotels. We stayed at the Sofitel Moorea, in an overwater bungalow, which is something everyone must do in their lifetime! 

Moorea_Sofitel Overwater Bungalows

Here's our list of the best things to do in Moorea:

1. Nothing 

We made some drinks in our room from the alcohol that we bought at the duty free shop in the airport, then sat on the patio of our overwater bungalow and played cards. When we got too hot, we jumped into the water for a few minutes, then hopped back up on the patio and continued to play cards. Talk about fun and relaxing!

Moorea - Overwater bungalow Sofitel Things to do

2. Snorkel

There was plenty to see right off of our bungalow balcony (or right through the floor), including tons of coral, fish, seas slugs, etc. We bought rash guard T-shirts with UPF 50+ protection and definitely needed them. The sun is very intense and we burned quite easily even with 50 sunblock. Plunge right in!

2015-01-12 16.13.51.jpg

3. Wake up and Swim

First of all, sunrises in Moorea are gorgeous, try and wake up early for one! Here is a video on how to wake up in Moorea for a perfect start to your day:


4. Take a Buggy Ride around the Island

We rented a buggy through Moorea Fun Roadsters. We had booked a buggy the night before, and without a problem they delivered it to our hotel the very next morning! A map was provided, including the best places to stop (which we did almost all of them), and we were on our way. We went back and forth between renting for 4 or 8 hours, but we decided to do the 4 hour which was the perfect amount to go around the entire island and make stops. 

Buggy ride around Moorea, French Polynesia

Before you return you have to fill it up but it doesn't use much gas and it cost about $8 to fill it back up! The road was bumpy at parts but overall it was a blast! It was like riding in a fast go kart around the island!

See our full review here: Buggy Around Moorea


5. Feed the Fish Under your Bungalow

In our Bungalow, there is a spot with glass flooring which you could watch the fish swim around under your feet! We had some bread and decided to have some fun:

Pool views - Moorea

6. Massages

We booked a couples massage and it was perfect. After traveling for 2 weeks, we were ready for relaxation and getting those knots out of our backs from lugging around bags. We had a private room for the two of us and after the massage, there was a shower in the massage room to rinse off all oils before putting our clothes back on. 

7. Lounge by the Pool

Even though we could jump in the ocean off of our balcony, the pool had warm calm waters without worrying about coral or fish below you (and they had some fancy tropical drinks). 

8. Go on a Hike

There are a few trails around or you can walk around the top of Belvedere. We rented the buggy to get to the top for great views! Watch out for the wild chickens!

Moorea Belevedere mountain views


9. Star Gaze at Night

Living in Los Angeles, you definitely don't see enough stars, but in Moorea, there are millions of stars to see right off your hotel balcony! Don't forget the bug spray!

Moorea_Star gazing

10. Polynesian Dance

Sofitel+Moorea+Dance Sofitel Hotel

Experience the culture of the Tahitian Polynesian dance! This occurred nightly at the Sofitel Moorea's main restaurant.





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Top 10 things to do in Moorea, French Polynesia

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